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I am waiting for you here

Floating above the sun

Took the potion for two, dear

Belly too full to run


Pluck my string with your big toe

Resonate in the drum

Pursed lips and a big blow

A whistle won’t make you come


Look out of the window

A red shift of light

Stars above, earth below

Cosmic tunes play all night


Calling out their elation

A melody sung by ear

It’s the Song of Creation

The Great Music of the Spheres


Dark matter in a bubble

Expanding ’til it pops

Contracting against Hubble

This opus never stops


How did this concert start?

With a lifted baton

 Steady rhythm, blending parts

A ballad playing on and on


One voice rises in the sweet air


Whispering life into my ear

The rest, eternity

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Michael and Julie write separately, but when they write together they are...M.J. Ortmeier!

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