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Knight Takes Bishop

Chapter 5 Lower Normandy – 1047 Their small party met a distant cousin who was traveling through Lower Normandy. He took them into an inn, bought them meals and kept her father downstairs while Mabel waited in the room he paid for. When Talvas returned, it was with a pouch […]

Chaos of 1047

Chapter 4 The early months of the following year were filled with rapid and exciting changes. News of the marriage of the Count of Maine to the widow of the Duke of Brittany reached them. It was arranged by the Bishop of Le Mans—who was Gervais de Bellême, Talvas’ cousin—while […]

Travel and Shelter

unsplash-logoFelix Russell-Saw Chapter 3 1046 – 1047 Arnoul had given them an escort until they were well away, in case Fitz Giroie’s family were still waiting. But they weren’t. As she passed her brother, she looked at him and hoped it would be the last time. At least she could […]


Chapter 2 Chateau Alençon, Normandy – 1046 The castle wasn’t blockaded, but Mabel and her father were shut up inside as if it was. For nearly two months, they dared not leave for fear of personal attack. The family of William d’Echauffour—who was called Fitz Giroie—had come for vengeance. Mabel’s […]


Photo by Lawrence Green on Unsplash Chapter 1 Mabel de Bellême would never have described herself as an ogress. Neither would anyone who had ever only seen her. Blessed with large, wide-set eyes and a mouth that turned up at the corners, she appeared naturally friendly and cheerful. Those were […]