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M.J. Ortmeier

Welcome to the writing site of M.J. Ortmeier. We’re juggling several projects.

Higher Minds

Falling in love wasn’t a choice, but staying in love is. Mark was her knight in tarnished armor, an aspiring television executive spouting his own brand of foul-mouthed poetry. Jen was his little buddy, the shy but excitable chatterbox who lightened his world with her own subtle brilliance. With all the little things they love about each other, they’ve built a good marriage. But now they’re empty nesters, and all the big things are threatening their bond.


Better Angels

It’s almost Christmas in Chicago. On the last stop of his American tour, English author Ian Berwick opens a copy of his book to jot down yet another autograph. He finds a photo tucked into the title page, a group of people mingling in front of a brewery. Two of them had planned to steal a large sum of money. Two were impostors. One was in prison. Four were dead. It’s a message to him: “I know who you really are.”

Katie Banach’s sister is in danger, and she will do anything to get Ian Berwick’s help, including using blackmail about their past together. But he may not be the devious man she thought he was. He might be better.


The Shops on Cottonwood Street

A series of stories about–you guessed it–the love lives of the proprietors of the shops on Cottonwood Street. Some have appeared in Higher Minds and Better Angels, with appearances by characters from those novels.

The Normans

A working title of a project about William the Conqueror.

Talvas the Ogre

Chevalier Gaspard de Millet lives in a turbulent and changing world, but he never lost his ability to imagine. Before his sons leave home, he will instruct them in chivalry with a cautionary tale about a man, William de Bellême, who becomes a monster. When it seems an ogre has appeared in their midst, Gaspard must teach them a different lesson about villains and heroes.

A published short story on Amazon.

Mabel de Bellême

Please enjoy some of the adventures of Mabel de Bellême (pronounced duh BEE-lehm), the original French Mean Girl:

1. Mabel, 2. Alençon, this chapter has multiple pages, you have to scroll down 3. Travel and Shelter, 4. Chaos of 1047, 5. Knight Takes Bishop, 6. Ragnor’s Tale, 7. The Hunted, 8. Faith, 9. The Orchard of Eden, 10. Honored Guests.