Writing: 7 Ways to Cure the Dumbs

Great piece by J.A. Allen along the lines of discovery I’m going through about my own writing and mental processes. But the Dumbs are not to be feared. All it means is that you have so much information swirling around inside your head that your brain is asking to be allowed to catch up. Revel in your muddled moment! Something awesome is about to happen.

J. A. Allen

Recently I’ve been experiencing a pretty extreme case of the dumbs. man-869215_1920People battling the dumbs often have a difficult time performing ordinary tasks: like replying to emails, speaking in full sentences, or remembering that their spouse asked them to pick up that thing at that place for an immediately forgotten but very, very important reason.

Writing has been painful this month. And, when I say painful, I mean that writing has been like pulling teeth. If the teeth were attached to my eyeballs, and my eyeballs were on fire, and I was being dipped slowly into piranha infested lava.

Despite the leaps and bounds made in today’s technological age, the dumbs are hitting people harder than ever. Information is readily available. Forget the name of your hellion’s teacher? Look it up on the school website. Want to learn how to cook the perfect scrambles eggs? Watch a Gordon Ramsey…

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